Discover all the courses and activities of the Club Delfino gym in Venice!


Our “Les Mills” programs are designed and produced by the New Zealand company of the same name which offers the best fitness programs in 80 countries around the world.

These programs last from 30 to 50 minutes and are renewed every three months with new choreography, music and updates for the instructors.

Extensively tested and approved around the world, they are ready to make you move with a smile!


Complete cardio and muscle training, with a particular focus on toning the buttocks and legs. It is a step cardio workout, super rhythmic and very fun, with the addition of burpees, push-ups and other strengthening exercises with weights.

BODYSTEP means spending a moment full of positive energy and smiles while training and putting your legs to the test!

Benefits: improvement of general physical condition, cardio and coordination, toning of the buttocks and legs, burning calories.


It is an energetic and powerful Cardiovascular Training capable of releasing stress.

nspired by martial arts, it draws from different disciplines such as karate, boxing, muay thai, tai chi and tae kwon do.

Great support is offered by the music and the work of the instructors who, through punches, kicks and katas, define the path towards a higher level of cardiovascular resistance.


Yoga, Pilates and Thai Chi training that aims to build flexibility and strength, leaving you with a feeling of calm and concentration.

The combination of music and movements offer a holistic training of balance and harmony.


30 minute workout in which the focus is the trunk and the muscle chains that connect the lower and upper parts of the body.

Ideal program to transform the abdomen and buttocks by developing functional strength and preventing injuries.


It is an exclusive program of the dolphin club, lasting 45-50 minutes in which you will never get bored!

Created over the course of 2 years, it is a high impact fitness course: the aim is muscle conditioning together with cardiovascular training brought to the anaerobic threshold.

ZUMBA by is a brand owned by the Delfino club and includes three certified Zumba Fitness instructors: Anna, Federica and Giuseppe.

We will offer you different types of zumba, for all ages and needs: Zumba B1, B2, Gold, Toning, Aqua, Sentao, Core, Glute, Gold Toning, Kids, Step and in the Circuit.


“Boots with springs” are the most surprising innovation in the world of fitness and are suitable for all ages.

Once worn, you train and have fun at the same time.

The joy and dynamism of this activity will allow you to stay fit without feeling the weight of fatigue!


It is a complete, dynamic workout in which all the muscles of the body are involved.

The exercises are different, practiced at high intensity with relatively short recovery times.

The variation of the exercises and the synergy with which all the muscles work will allow you to achieve excellent results in a short time!

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