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Club Delfino Asd Aps

The Club Delfino ASD gym was founded in Venice on 2 September 1996. Since then we have tried to offer 360° well-being by following in the footsteps of the dolphin, a symbol of multiple virtues in ancient Greece:

This fascinated us: the psychophysical harmony of the dolphin, which is what  we try to offer to anyone who frequents our club.

We are a mix of soul and body, inextricably linked!

The Team

Our team is made up of qualified personnel. Thanks to our training and our years of experience, we help our customers achieve their 360° well-being.
Giuseppe Baldan


I am the President of the association. I have a master’s degree in applied behavioral and cognitive psychology and another degree in theology, I am a pranotherapist and instructor of some fitness disciplines. I am an EMDR therapist and have a master’s degree in hypnosis.
Anna Bergamin

Masseuse and Instructor

I am a certified instructor of some fitness disciplines. I am a masseuse and I take care of body care.
Ermenegildo Bossi

Adaptive Gymnastics Instructor

I have a degree in motor sciences. I have been involved in adaptive gymnastics since 1997, pre and post surgery, collaborating for decades with various orthopedists and physiatrists.
Daniel Ghervase

Massage Therapist, Instructor and Nutritional Consultant

I am a certified trainer, massage therapist and nutritional consultant. I run some fitness courses and specialize in lymphatic drainage. I also work as a personal coach.
Paolo Seno

Personal Coach specialized in WTA

I am a certified instructor. I take care of the Wellness room. I am a personal coach with specialization in WTA.
Federica De Nobili

Masseuse and Instructor

I have a degree in motor sciences. I work as a masseuse and instructor; I deal with body care, postural and adaptive gymnastics.

The Gymn

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